my god, another lesbian has saved my life!

(suze orman)

I just turned on the tv - and she talked bluntly about money -

- She said - as women (and maybe gay men) she said -

when we have a relationship with something - we take care of it and love it -

because we do -

she said - but with money - we don't - no relatinship or a dysfunctional one best -

- what would you do - she said IMAGINE What's possible if you had power over your money - in your life - anything at all -

wow - why is it she hit the nail -

on the head -

i'm sick of the low esteem crud - i do feeel - have felt - powerless to change my life -

so - what do I want to do - if I felt powerful over my life-

no shame - Move to Miami - and be fabulous :)!

what do i need to do to regain power with relationship that are not working?

do what's necessary - to say - change my relatinoships with my moeny - and jsut do it -

yes - I think i will \:\)


later dudes

" not look outside yourself for the leader."
-wisdom of the hopi elders

"...the sign of a true leader is service..." - anonymous