i went to the irish bakery - today - for coffee and sausage rolls - the place was packed for the day before easter -

it's traditional filled with just arrive irish - american accents - are not really comon here -

they have a great photo of a huge young boxer on the wall - and he was there -
today - he's famous apparently - and

he was even in a picture with mohammed ali

as i walked into the cafe - he lit up

and i sort of did too - i didn't know it ws him - at first -

then i realized - it might be - but i felt tension from the odl irish group he was entertaining -

as i am usually just happy on the surface - enjoying the walk - but not expecting to

connect with folks - except for a hello - or a 'how are things' - never a personal

someone is interested in me - like this -

so - i just = respectful of their space - i wasnt sure what to do - so i just was humble and on my way -.

but then i sat down and i saw the photos - and i ate my rolls - and had coffee - and then the boxer came and sat across

from me -

i caught him looking at me in line - but then he came direcltly across from me -

but didn't face his table but faced me with his back against the wall reading a paper

i got nervous - like what do i do - what does he want -

i wasn't sure - i must seem so spineless - but someone interested in me?

but then i thought - maybe he just wants to say hi -

i did - and he was very enthusiastic to talk to me - and i sort of freaked out -
and left -

but - he was very nice - and he wished me a Happy Easter in a really sweet gentlemanly way -

his voice was very lumbering but he seemed good guy

i am not so good - and talking like that -

and i feel the whole place could see this big gay guy - looking lighting up

we both lit up

i hope there's a next time - when we can talk - i just get scared -

didn't feel at liberty to be myself

my great grandfather's brother in law - my great great uncle - was a famous wrestler in europe
and becamse a prize fighter here in the US - but died young -

so i thought of that - after

and last night - i watched the muhammed ali - george foreman fight of 1974 -

with my roomie Patrick -

anyways - ttyl


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