Eddie (EGL) and I are taking over running the bookshop here on MS, and as we think of ways we can improve it we would like your input. Please let us know what you think, give us any criticisms you may have, and share your ideas for improvements. We would like to hear especially from gay survivors, teen survivors, and partners. Also people concerned about special areas, like incest and abuse by the clergy. Do you find it easy to locate books aimed at your needs in the the bookshop as it now stands? If not, please let us know and give us some sense of what the problem is as you see it. My PM box still overfloweth, so for the time being please send PMs to us via Eddie or just place your comments here if you would like to start a discussion or invite responses. Our bookshop can be a really great resource, and with your help we can do a better job improving it.

Much love,

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