hey david:

i hope you read this. that tv program i mentioned yesterday, LOVELINE, well i got a hold of a fone number for it: 18007489186. i dont know if that is of any help to you. i called the # earlier and left a message asking about their tv show. i believe that they record the show in the evenings. if you are able to telephone them call that number at different times during the weekday evenings and hope to get in. now, if you cant call them i will try something else. or you can do this too. do a websearch for the show name and you can try 'dr. drew' too. adam carolla left the show some time ago. he was a host too. now dr. drew has guest hosts on the show with him. i hope that one of us can locate an email address for the show. try this, visit the website for the local radio station that airs the show out of chicago: wckg fm 105.9. perhaps there one can find an email address for LOVELINE. i hope this message finds you well my young friend. take care,