Every abuse is a memory, and a memory can be healed or released.

What releases a memory from our system is its acceptance as a truth by us, as it releases the pain caused when 'it' impacted our psyche.

That is why to a child, our most comforting words are – “Its ok, its ok, its ok”… I'm here.

And that is what our inner child still wants to here from us, that it IS ok, now. That is can relax now; take it easy as it is safe.

It wants to hear that from us.

And until we do that, it continues to speak the language of its wounds, and repeats its history every day, through the pain we experience and express through anger or any other uncontrollable behaviour pattern or habit that is unhealthy.

Once wounded by our past, we always feel that our life is out of control as we are too. We always feel that if only we could control ourselves better, we would be fine. And try we do hard enough, but fail eventually.

As stifling the wounded part of ourselves through over control is actually what keep us wounded, unhealed. As it ignores our wound completely, only treats the symptoms.

Every unhealthy or uncontrollable side of our psyche is a reflection of our wounded self, so treating the wound brings back things under control naturally; as the wound no longer has to raise red flags for us to notice it, by acting out or behaving out of control, it is only a body-mind mechanism to get our attention.

Healing begins with self acceptance. Even accepting the anger that we have, heals it, as that is the power of our acceptance, of our love.

And once we apply the same technique to the experience/s of abuse, they dissolve too, into our light.

That is when true healing occurs, and we begin to see light embedded in the darkest hour of our life. That is when, life comes a full circle, and we are called healed.

We no longer speak the language of our wounds; we speak of a brighter tomorrow and happier times ahead.

As there is no longer a wounded Self in us, we no longer carry the label of a wounded soul - the victim, as we have transcended that realm of darkness and stepped into our Light.

~ It's over!...Let go of Thy Past, Remember Thy Self ~

Why Don't People Heal, by Caroline Myss; 30 days to clean up your vibrations - Abraham-Hicks