You know in mexico child abuse is rampent. Alot of regular people with families are well aware and fed up. They wont tolerate it. A couple of CIA agents were taken picture of some men near a childrens school yard and the locals found out thinking it was of the children and got together (unaware that they were agents and not being pervert) and beat them to within an inch of there lives. They took that other inch by setting the pair on fire. This was a couple years ago i believe. Now thats a big mistake. But had they been men abusing children i'd agree with it. There should be special treatment for perverts. And our justice system makes things nice and comfterble for the abusers. Mob mantality is primative and instinctual.

I understand what your saying and i agree with your healing points. And i understand forgiveness and accountability are seperate issues. But brutality sends a loud messege. If such brutality were carried out in nations like the USA with the government cracking down on the child abuse issues unlike mexico it would be have a much more successful effect. This is just thought and i realize this will never be.

For women it would be a clitorectomy with childrens scissors.

MS: You reply to what you like. It just came off confrontational and trivial to address the word's rather then the bottom line. It's like reading the words rather then reading what there saying. Do what you do.

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No matter how long and dark the night is, Or the fear and hurt that it can bring, there will always be a dawn, where we can push the past aside and move forward with hope.