Karma is something i dont believe in. There is knowone in this universe behind the scenes pushing buttons, righting wrongs and the like. But there is the enevitability that bad things will happen unspicific to you or anything you've done...its called the balance which i spoke of a few pages back which i assumed was ignored, the point being people themselves by there own efforts have to make things happen, right the wrongs.

I cant count the occasions i've heard people let things slide and then say in a karma like belief...well he'll get his. There is no cure for perversion. Aslong as perverts and children co-exist there will be rapes, molestations and murders. There will always be that immediate threat. Our laws and systems are shit, and the punishments perverts get are usually minimal...ontop of that they spend there prison stay in PC (protective custody) where they dont have to fear the other inmates who dont take kindly to pedophiles. The victims are put in the spot light, questioned most likely not believed, put threw an emotional storm then sent home to try and patch there lives together and try to live a normal life. And a few years later the abuser is released unscathed and most likely a recidivist but more careful. The amber alert is as good as it will most likely get. And it is good and has helped here. When you see the alert flashing people become conscious of who there looking at, or for. But the justice system and societies prevention of abuse will continue to look bleak. There should be the natural law of what's right is right. You catch a pervert you break his legs and cut of his thing. No PC prison stay-vacation. But the way it is you yourself would be a criminal for protecting your own or punishing those who hurt them, or you.

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No matter how long and dark the night is, Or the fear and hurt that it can bring, there will always be a dawn, where we can push the past aside and move forward with hope.