You are so right there, there is no versus between accountability and forgiveness, they ARE separate things.

I believe that is why people confuse the two, and stay away from the latter.

Our forgiveness only frees us, from our prejudices and life long grudges and pain, but the abusers are still held accountable by the Universe. No is absolved from the law of Karma, no one.

Forgiveness doesn't mean excusing someone off; we only excuse ourselves from the energy dynamics that perpetuates between the victim and abuser.

The power imbalance that was once created by abuse of power by the abuser can be shift back in the favour of the victim, once again, and that can happen in two ways, one you do the same to the abuser, the classical eyes for an eye situation, which explains the active and passive rage within everyone who doesn’t forgive, as they want to get even, someday. So anyone who shifts that power balance ever again away from them, becomes an effigy of their abuser, and once again bears the brunt of their anger which was reserved for their abusers and the deep hidden rage at their own inability to get even with their abusers.

This what makes the second tool, forgiveness such a healthy and potent option, as it not only shifts the power balance back in the favour of the victim, it also gives us the freedom to choose a lifestyle that free from the constant feelings of prejudice and getting even with who ever shifts that power balance in our life, away from us.

We keep looking for people who are out there to ‘get’ us or hurt us in any way. Slowly being constantly vigilant tires us out, and our body, mind and spirit and our energy system exhausts itself. As it can keep on the fighting mode for only so long.

That is why forgiveness is considered an act of ultimate power. And sure enough it feels powerful once you have forgiven, as we have reclaimed our power back, then you no longer get rattled or filled with rage or bitterness, by just the sight or thought of abuser.

~ It's over!...Let go of Thy Past, Remember Thy Self ~

Why Don't People Heal, by Caroline Myss; 30 days to clean up your vibrations - Abraham-Hicks