heh i couldnt stay out of this!lol two things strike me as unbelievable that children make poor witnesses, and we can have safe communities with rehabilated perps living among us ,how do you get this totaly safe comunity? i ask this would you feel safer if you had 10 pedophiles living on your block ,if their victims told you they had forgiven them ? would you be able to ignor what they did? forgivness might very wll help you but while your forgiving him he will be stalking his next victim . can you forgive him for any kids he hurts after you forgive him.live and let live is great untill you include the animals in it. on the children as witnesses part,it dont make a damn bit of difference how good the witness is ,when deals are made outside the courtroom , in the intrest of saving money,or for other reasons, i sat in that court for 3 days ,said things you dont even want to think ,got accused of being the one to blame ,lawyers in my face making me cry,being told to look at people when you know you cant ,being told to speak up when you can barely talk . kids are not good witnesses? people cried with me there and it didnt mean shit!it wasnt my fault he only got 7 years,of does forgiving make you think thats enough for what he did ,im sorry i didnt mean to hi jack this post ,but i needed to say this. i was 13 ,but i think i was a damn good witness

its not hard to fall
when you float like a cannonball - damien rice