Please don't anyone hold back on their views. I believe it's very good that we all say what we want on this topic! Remember many of us were silent for too long - this is not the place for us to be silent. I strongly believe in my opinion, but it doesn't mean that I don't think anyone else should have a different one.

Some of the comments do wind me up, as I know mine equally wind others up! That's quite healthy actually - they call it debate.

If anyone chooses to forgive one of 'those people' that has caused us irrepairable damage, fine! That is your choice. I choose not to, and nobody will ever make me think differently.

The best way to make communities safe (in my opinion) is to ensure that paedophiles get the message that they are in danger of spending extensive amounts of time in prison. The judiciary need to make sure that they receive that message. Children and all 'responsible adults' need to be educated so that they can give children the ammunition to deal with potential paedophile threats (good touch / bad touch etc). That is the best way that we can prevent more victims/survivors coming here in future years. Wouldn't it be wonderful if this site was eventually not required, because paedophiles could no longer be in a position to apply their desires. I don't suppose you could stop the crazy ones that kidnap and attack kids, but we should be able to stop the groomers!

We are very much aware in the UK that we are extremely short of prison spaces. To give you an example of what the judiciary is like, we have an elderly judge that recently said: 'If we keep sending people to prison for life, the prisons will eventually be full of geriactric murderers. Only really bad murderers should be sent to prison for life'. You can all guess where I'd love to send that silly old sod (that was a strain to be polite). I'd like to ask him what he considers to be 'a good murder'. See we don't have to forgive the abusers, because the judiciary do it for us.

The killers of a young boy (very small for his age and only around 12 when he was murdered) that was drugged and raped then murdered in a paedophile orgy, received what appeared to be reasonable sentences if they had actually served them. Parole meant that they were let out to continue their perverted activities.

And back to the anolagy of the lamp! Well you can replace a lamp! You can just go to the store and buy a new one - it might not be exactly the same, but it will light up your room just the same way that the old one did! Childhood - you cannot go to a store and pick a bag of 'formative years' off the shelf! You cannot ask for a replacement childhood to be downloaded into your brain as the latest piece of software. You cannot ask for your identity back - once stolen, it's gone! Forever! You have to create a new one at a time when your circuitry is damaged.

You can as I stated earlier fight back and be successful in your life! That is the best revenge we can all have! It's difficult to achieve but that is my forgiveness to myself (and it took a long time)! I do not wish to forgive James Fowler, even if the courts thought that they had the right to do so! Sod him and sod the judiciary!

Differing opinions - yes Nobby and Myself have had some disagreements on this subject (maybe we are both quite firmly in the opposite camps on this topic that others hear would think we'd have a fight if we met). Adam is pretty much of the same opinion as myself. We thought Nobby was quite mad with his overriding desire to forgive, as it was the last thing that we would ever do.

It may surprise you to know, that although we disagree strongly on this topic, we have all agreed that we could sit down and have a pint or more together. Nobby would buy the first round though, because he knows we are right!

Best wishes ..Rik

*Never look down on anybody unless you're helping them up.
*I was seeking a way of expressing my anger - I found hope!
*There are many battles before the war is won! It can be won!