Well I haven't gone away! Anyone that has read my views on this topic in its previous incarnations will know exactly where I stand.

Anyone else can have their opinion, but I am not waiting for some baptism of forgiving light - it won't happen!

I have too many important things going on in my life to even consider for one millisecond whether or not I should forgive the paedophile that groomed and sexually abused me and numerous others.

I spend my time making sure that others in this world are safe, and doing what I can to promote their happiness and contentment.

Before I made a statement that led to this lowlife paedophiles conviction in court, I wondered if there was a light on in his soul! Was there any reason that he may have done this, that he did not himself understand? There obviously wasn't, as he decided to torture myself and other complainants by denying everything and extending the damage done to us by another 17 months before he was convicted. If he had shown any sign of remorse, any concern at all about any of the survivors of his crimes, then maybe I could have shown some forgiveness.

He does not care about any of us! Let him rot!

If someone breaks my lamp (one early example in this text) I can forgive them, for that would be an accident. If someone picks my lamp up and wilfully smashes it over my head, that is a different issue & only forgiveable if there is some medical or mental issues that results in such an attack.

That's what paedophiles do see - they smash us over our heads with their desires, and they don't give a damn about the damage.

Forgive? No! Move on? Yes!

As for the religious side (seeing as how it's been brought in again). How can I take seriously that I must follow the path of those 'seriously good, religious people' that created a haven in the church for paedophiles. A haven that lasted for decades. Religious people that covered up paedophile activities & simply moved their preachers to another parish to start abusing all over again.

Suffer not the little children, let them come unto me? Hypocrisy to the extreme.

PS - it's now one year (17th March) since I was in court bringing 'my abuser' to account for his crimes. His life has not really changed in that time (suspended sentence because the crimes were historical).

Of the 3 of us that went against him in court - 'this elderly gentleman answering for indiscretions from long ago'.

I have varying thoughts about the old bastard - none of them feature fluffy kittens and cute little puppies. The good thing is that he is no longer in my mind all day / every day. He pops up now ang again, but has no control now.

Witness number 2 - see him quite regulalry, but he always looks sad.

Witness number 3 - well he was highly upset on the last day in court, because our overly politically correct judiciary were obviously more concerned about the bloody paedophile than they were about us. Witness number 3 is now a virtual recluse.

See we only wanted REAL JUSTICE - tell them that they must forgive to their faces, and I don't believe the answer would come in words.

We do not have to forgive ourselves, for we did nothing wrong, even though like many I did blame myself for what happened.

I am off to work shortly and will do the best that I can. I am proud of what I have achieved despite the paedophile. That is the best way that I can forgive myself - being successful. That way I can show the paedophile my middle finger and tell him to pivot.

Best wishes ...Rik

*Still in the hang them and flog them brigade & no apologies for that!

*Never look down on anybody unless you're helping them up.
*I was seeking a way of expressing my anger - I found hope!
*There are many battles before the war is won! It can be won!