Sometimes when we are too close to our pain it becomes so large that it consumes us, at that moment nothing that anyone would say would make any sense.

The only escape then is to watch someone else’s pain, and find the courage then to survive, and better still work at it.

Personally what freed me from my pain, was listening to another story that had pain greater than mine - A boy who was trapped for three months by his abusers, and abused regularly, till he escaped. He is still alive, that was itself reason enough for me to get started on my healing work.

Here's another inspiring story about a Rwandan Holocaust survivor, you could final forgive and set herself. Read it, and then take a state on forgiveness. If she can, any one can.

Forgiving the Unforgiveable

~ It's over!...Let go of Thy Past, Remember Thy Self ~

Why Don't People Heal, by Caroline Myss; 30 days to clean up your vibrations - Abraham-Hicks