Tartugas....you trying to stop this one?? DON'T!

I gotta tell you guys something. The girl who kept me alive when I was 12....she died on 9/11. Karen was the lead flight attendant on American Ftl 11. We grew up togehter...she knew what was happening to me. She kept me from the end!!

How do I forgive the Al Qaida who killed her if they dont ask for it and make things right???!!

Since my personal example (my rape) does not drive the point home...maybe this one will??? I dunno!!! I think there are certain elements of human survival. Maybe some people require some survival elemental traits...and others dont.

I just know that when I face an enemy that tries to do me in...I'm not gonna embrace him...I'm not gonna let my guard down...I'm clearly not inclined to forgive until they make things right. Some things can't be made right!!! EVER...