Well Robbie, it sure sounds like you and I might be working with different definitions of what forgiveness is. In my book forgiveness is a way of squaring the books between you and those who worng you internally. IT does not, EVER, mean that they are let off the hook for their crimes (which was my point in starting this thread; every person must still be held accountable, if possible, for their actions). Forgiveness doe not mean you embrace your abuser and love them with the same openness and trust that you feel for, let's say, your children.

Don't, please don't, let my opinions drive you to the edge. Is there something in what I've said, or anyone else has said that opens a door for you? Do you have some ideas for how we could, perhaps, come up with a better defintion? Is there something in this thread that does resonate in a positive way for you?

"I am not a mechanism, an assembly of various sections.
And it is not because the mechanism is working wrongly, that I am ill.
I am ill because of wounds to the soul, to the deep emotional self...."
Healing D.H. Lawrence