Having and not having arise together. Difficult and easy
complement each other. Long and short contrast each other. High and low rest upon each other. Voice and sound harmonize each other. Front and back follow one another. Everything has a balance, an equal opposite, everything. No life without death. No pleasure without pain. No love without hate. Having one extreme or focusing on one denies the contrast and is unhealthy. Someone who hates too much is sick, someone who loves to much is blind. I think it's about finding a perfect balance. I also think us having that hurt itself carries a reaction. So if hate is the reaction of being abused for one. Then it is what it is and so is meant to be for them. And carries no association to god or forgivness. I agree with robbie (for myself) that forgivness isnt just something to be given. I cant forgiven in some situations. The girl sitter i can forgive. She was a young teenager at the time and she was caught in the act. I'd like to think she never did it again and feel's remorse. I can forgive her. But when someone as an adult knowingly hurts you for there sexual gratification. And is fully prepared to deny it if questioned and call that child a lier to his face. That's not forgivable. There is no remorse there. Sorry for the ramble. But this discussion i think is an importent one.

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No matter how long and dark the night is, Or the fear and hurt that it can bring, there will always be a dawn, where we can push the past aside and move forward with hope.