I am not surprised either. I have certain fondness for its founder, and some early Christian saints, just as I have fondness for many Hindu and Sufi saints as well, though I would call them enlightened human beings, rather than just Christians or Hindus or Muslims. They belong to entire humanity, rather than a particular sect of people, just as Buddha or Tao Te Ching, Krishna or Rama, St. Theresa of Avila or St Francis of Assisi.

The labels of religion, though an easy and simple classifications for the followers makes them or rather the teachings of their founders inaccessible or scarce for so many needy people following other religions. It is only when we are ourselves able to step out of our inborn religions and pick the best of all can we rake in the full benefits of the communication era, the global village.

Who knows where the next answer to our present predicament might come from?

Many feel that if they start following the teaching of Teresa or Mohammed, or Gautama for that matter, they will not longer be true followers of their particular kind of faith. Just as many followers of those very religions confuse following just the everyday rituals of that religion will suffice or substitute for actually following the core teachings or wisdom of its founders.

Every great Master of the past has an essential piece of wisdom to pass on and help us solve this giant jigsaw puzzle called life for ourselves.

~ It's over!...Let go of Thy Past, Remember Thy Self ~

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