I ditto shadow and philo aswell. I'm more struck with questions like dose forgivness need to be made in order to progress and recover. Because frankly i dont think forivness would be possible for me. Ditto shadow for the serial killer thing aswell.

I'd like to see thing's in an uplifting possitive way but i cant. the way i see it someone by there own choice took control and abused someone else. Today the only one that i could probably see would be my uncle and i know i couldnt look in his face and say i forgive you. Forgivness by it's definition is the act of excussing a mistake or offense, a pardon. The only reason i might is if he had any guilt my act of forgivness would hurt him more. Possibly edge him towards suicide...yet thats wishful thinking. So if i cannot forgive then what price can i pay to achieve peace.

No matter how long and dark the night is, Or the fear and hurt that it can bring, there will always be a dawn, where we can push the past aside and move forward with hope.