i second that philo! people here tell me im a good person that i have done ok to get to this point that its a miracle i survived , that its amazing im not a serial killer ,i think i have done ok without forgiving or giving up my anger. and nothing fires that anger up any quicker than being told i have to forgive to heal.to me forgiving is giving a part of me to the bastard that hurt me ,after all he took from me i will not give anything to him freely. i would rather die pissed at him than give him one more little piece of me.forgivness is mine to do with as i please ,its mine! i have control ! i DONT HAVE TO DO IT! ISNT THAT WHAT ABUSE IS ABOUT CONTROL?AND ISNT HEALING ABOUT TAKING CONTROL BACK? sorry not angry ,hit caps by mistake heh. forgivness comes from the heart ,there is nothing in my heart for that bastard .

its not hard to fall
when you float like a cannonball - damien rice