Hello everyone,

I'm grateful to be in this community. I started my recovery about 2 months ago and I'm very thankful to find out I'm not alone and that I have brothers and sisters out there who can help carry the burden and the pain. I just finished the weekend retreat in Four Springs and I just wanted a chance to get in touch with my brothers again because I miss you all very much. Thank you all for being a part of my recovery. This is Jay by the way and first of all I'd like to say hi to my group members: Gary, AJ, Ryan, Gordon, John, Gabe, and Ed. We bared our souls and felt each other's pain. I'm very honored to be a part of your recoveries I hope to see you all very soon. Thank you all for making me feel welcome and letting me know that I belong. Although I was emotionally and physically exhausted yesterday, I couldn't go to bed without writing down all of my brothers' names for fear I might forget you all. To Randy and Richard in SF, let me know what I can do to help you get started on starting a support group up there. Dale, thank you for the wonderful poem, the energy rock you found for me, and the spirit bracelet. I still don't know what you saw in me to prompt you to be so giving towards me. John (WalkingSouth), thank you for everything. Our lives are parallel in so many levels it's uncanny. I love you. Little Darryl, thank you for letting me see the wonder and joy of your inner child. Keep referring to yourself as Little Darryl (I'm sorry if I spelled your name wrong)!! John (with the hat), thank you for taking the initiative to come up and connect with me. You surprised me when you greeted me in my native tongue. Patrick, I hope you and your Burmese kittens made it home safely. Spence, thank you for being my partner in the Shame Busting session and entertaining us at the campfire with your drumming skills. Brian (from Las Vegas), I'm sorry I missed your performance on the ivory Friday night. I hope I get a chance to see you perform one day. Chris, your talent is phenomenal! Your poem, sculpting, and drum skills were awesome! Brian (Cedar Rapids), thank you for opening up to me and sharing with me some of your secret shame. I wish we had more time to talk because we have so much in common. Steve, thank you for being a challenging roomie. Although we had our moments, I'm glad I got you instead of Wes. Hi Wes, thank you for letting me see your gentle and tender side. Even though it was a brief glimpse, I know in my heart you are a good person. To Art (Mr. Fabulous!) thank you for that playful scene you had with David at the Shame Busting session. Hi David! I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to connect. That goes to all the others who I didn't get the honor to know. Tom, sorry I mistook you for Dale. Queenie Darrell, hope to see you in LA for Sunday night's support group. Joseph, I know I may be stepping over the line here, but I hope you embrace your softer side. You are a wonderful person & I love you just the way you are. Wayne, I heard your struggles with your definition of how to incorporate and reconcile the masculine and feminine. May you also find the Greatest Love of all; learning to love yourself. Just know I'm in the same boat with you. Dwayne, thank you for taking a part my sculpting, you portrayed my innocence perfectly. Richard from Baston! Your Patriots suck! My Chargers are going to rock next season! By the by, I love your accent. I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to butt heads over football. Finally, to Jason. I'm sorry you had to leave early my brother. I hope you know I'm thinking of you and that you're not alone. Anyways, I hope I didn't forget anyone. If I did or if I misspelled any names, I'm sorry. From the bottom of my heart and my inner child to all of yours, "BYE GUYS! SEE YOU SOON!"

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I can finally admit I pretend to say and do nice things so people will think I'm a standout guy.