My boyfriend just told me he was raped a week ago in the course of a robbery. He said he couldn't tell me before about the rape. He was in another city visiting his sister and brother in law. He reported the robbery but not the rape. We live in Morocco and he is Moroccan, and his family don't know he is gay. He tried to kill himself with some drugs that his istezr has for bi-polar disorder. I told him it doesn't affect my feelingsfor, that I love himstill as much.
But he needs someone to talk to. I can be supportive, I have read about and seen movies on the effect of rape on a woman, but I know I can never fully appreciate what he went thru and is going thru.
XCan any one help me find an online message board, chatroom, support service for him. He sreads and speaks english, but French would be much better.