Hello everyone...I found out about this board a few weeks ago and decided to post as it seems there is alot of support here. To be specific, I was posting in another message board that had a thread for survivors of SA but I was 1 of maybe 3 men that posted there.
To give you the readers digest version of my experience - I was first molested by my cousin at arround age 7. He forced me to masturbate him and he touched me as well. There was a lot of verbal manipulation and threats not to tell anyone. I was then molested by a guy named Gene that went to my church. This occurred between the age of 8-15. Again there were threats and manipulation.
I have had some counseling in the past and was doind fairly well dealing with it until recently. I am 31 years old, married, and have a 2mo old son...My wife decided she wanted us to move back to our home town...so we did. I have never been so depressed and tired in my life...I had a house of my own. it was about an hour away from our home town (where the abuse occurred). I hated my home town but my wife pushed and pushed until I consented to move there. I feel like I have taken a major step backward. We had planned to buy some land and build a house...but once it was too late and my old house was under a contract, we figured out we wouldn't be able to do it all at once...So now we are shacked up with my parents and younger brother - soon to move into an apartment for at least 3 years while we pay on the lot. The hardest thing though is thet I let my wife push me into giving up MY place of security (IE: my house).
I don't know what to do I just realy need to get this off my chest I suppose. I can't fucking believe I moved back to the town where my abuser still lives. Well...I thanks for reading this and I hope you all will accept me into your supportive community. Thanks!...Dave23...GOD BLESS!