Once there was a young boy who lived in a terribly abusive home. He used to walk by other homes and look in the windows hoping to catch a glimpse of what a loving family was like. When he reached age ten and was old enough to seek some help for himself he turned to a teacher he trusted. He told the teacher all about the horror that he had been living though and asked him if he would help his family. The teacher befriended him and called him on the phone regularly to check on him. One day the teacher invited the young boy of ten years to stay the night at his house with his wife and child so that he could take him to see a local kid's museum. Well the boys parents said sure it gave them more free time to be alone and use drugs and fuck so the boy went to stay with the teachers family. That night the teacher snuck out to the boys bed on the couch and felt his penis and said you turn me on. He said maybe when my wife leaves tomorrow we can have sex. The little boy regressed and disapeared inside his shell. The boy was on alert all day with adrenalin pumping through his veins wondering when the wife was going to leave and he would have to defend himself. Finally the wife left and the teacher pulled down his pants and the boys and brought him to the bed. Suddenly the wife come walking in the door she had forgoten her keys. She screamed and yelled and the boy, all ashamed that he had done something wrong, pulled up his pants. She put him in the car and drove him home and all she said was that if I wanted to experiment with sex that I should find someone else to do it with. I knew then that I had done something terribly wrong and that I was a disgusting person. The teacher went back to his job as a well respected teacher, his wife went back to her job as a daycare provider and the young boy went psychotic with PTSD. The end.