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Another cop kept in jail for his own safety!

A Tiny, crowded cell could be home for the next 20 years to a Derbyshire paedophile facing child sex charges in Cambodia.

Ian Bower is accused of sexually abusing two brothers, aged 12 and 14.

The former Ilkeston special constable has denied the allegations.

The Evening Telegraph can reveal that if found guilty, he could be sentenced to between 10 and 20 years in Prey Sar prison on the outskirts of the country's capital, Phnom Penh.

Bower has been charged with debauchery, the Cambodian legal term for sexual offences against children.

He appeared in court in Phnom Penh on Wednesday and will remain in custody while the case is examined by a judge - which could take six months. Juries are not used in Cambodia.

Bower had been teaching English in Cambodia since April last year.

Two months earlier, the 42-year-old had fled from Derby's Burdett Lodge bail hostel in Bass Street, where he was on licence from prison.

He had been jailed at Derby Crown Court in September 2004 for three years and nine months for two counts of indecent assault on a male and two counts of gross indecency with a child.

He had also been convicted of downloading scores of indecent images of children.

The Home Office said last night that anyone from the UK facing child sex charges abroad could be brought back to this country and tried. A spokeswoman would not give any indication of circumstances in which this power would be exercised.

But for now, Bower is going through the justice system in Cambodia and, if convicted there, he will end up in Prey Sar.

The website of the British Embassy in Cambodia states: "The UK and Cambodian authorities are committed to combating travelling child sex offenders and the Cambodian government continues to crack down on those who commit such offences.

"Those arrested and convicted can expect to receive long sentences in a Cambodian prison where facilities are very poor."

In 2002, a Human Rights Watch report said conditions at Prey Sar were poor and overcrowded and prisoners lacked adequate medical care, food, and water. At least six inmates had died there within a two-month period that year because of insufficient food and medication

Bower, who was on the Sex Offenders' Register, had failed to notify police that he intended to travel abroad for more than three days. For this, he could face five years in prison in this country.