Our invaluable friend SAR suggested I cross post this in the Health and Wellbeing forum so here goes:

Hi guys (and gals),

Went to see my doctor for some blood work to check my cholesterol levels and to see what, if anything, Lipitor is doing to my body. When I first started with Lipitor everything was fine at 10 mg and my total number dropped by almost a third after the first six months to around 186. My follow-up to that visit was probably back in April of this year and my bad cholesterol was inching back up so my doc bumped me from 10 mg to 20 mg. Doing that kicked the living crap out of me. Muscle aches, bone aches, tightness across the chest and back muscles caused me to call my doc who promptly cut the dosage back to 10 mg.

Doc called yesterday to tell me to drop Lipitor completely as my latest bloodwork indicates something going on with my muscles and that's due to the med.

I'm 51, just under 6' 4" and weigh in at 262 lbs. About 45 of those pounds are belly fat and I've got a "thin" frame carrying it around.

I followed my doc's advice on the diet because it was rather easy. I don't eat much bread, rarely go for pasta and potatoes and enjoy grilled chicken and salads.

I do enjoy ice cream and can "binge" on that but that may happen once every four months and involve a half gallon over a few days.

My doc, who is also a friend and lives in the same town as I, has been after me to exercise for the last 10 years. Problem is I dislike exercising even though I've got a treadmill and weights down in the basement.

30 years ago I would meet my brother at a local park and we would run the trails for about 1 1/2 miles five times a week. It was autumn and it was really enjoyable when my second wind would kick in about half way up a rather steep portion of our route so I do remember how good that felt and how beneficial it was.

I suspect that I'm not alone in thinking that CSA did a number on both my self and body image as for a long time I just didn't care.

Now here it is that I HAVE to do something as my fitness level is contributing to a potential health issue. I've got two relatively young sons (15 and 10) and a wife I want to grow old with.

I know the best results are obtained by combining diet and exercise. Can't gain the full benefits of one without the other. My goal is to find a way to attain a level of fitness that will help me enjoy the rest of my life to its fullest so that means cardio, some weight and strength training and some needed flexibility.

For those around my age who don't have these worries. How did you get there and what are you doing to maintain?



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