I have found Reiki to be a very effective treatment for the symptoms of abuse, and the abuse itself.

Reiki works with the energy chakras of the body. It is a channeling of "universal energy" directed by one's own higher power or "Christ-consciousness". It sounds a little nebulous, I know, but it works.

What Reiki does best is release all of that blocked energy we have in our bodies - those areas where we don't want to look. It is non-invasive which means it won't do anything you can't handle. It works subtlely on mental, spiritual, emotional and physical levels, wherever the energy is needed most.

I am a Reiki practicioner, Level II, and have been involved with the practice for almost ten years, as I have continued individual counselling and group work. It has accelerated my healing, and has been instrumental in helping me stay clean and sober, feel more deeply, and grow spiritually.