I would like to ask what people know about 'programs' of alcohol of a stop? I do not think, that I - as they speak 'alcoholic'. I do not drink even in this case frequently now, and other night when I do, it - first time in four or five weeks. But, it disturbs me, that still, it is something, that I 'use' for when I am concerned. I see my father, that alcohol doesby him. I think, actually, alcohol will not make to you abuser or to mean, whether you are that way to nature. But, with him, I do not know, whether I hate him or have pitied him. I only am confident my fear concerning him. I do not wish to resemble it in general. And also, I like to be very much ' in the control ' at least mentally me directly. Alcohol takes it from me, and it - not what I wish when I drink. I am not confident concerning it, that I ask here. It - something, that gives me the anxiety. What it, if who - or still ever has it as a problem, by which you do to correct it? Thanks.