I read loads on the net about different things, there is always an argument good or bad of any product or chemical additive.

I only eat butter, why? Because it is a natural product, it can be broken down by the body, and even though it is high in fat, the body can process it normally.

If we turn to the low fat spreads, then yeah, they are low in fat, but they contain fats that the body cannot break down, and they can lead to diabetes type 2.

Aspartame, if you google it, it is a horror story, so I try to avoid it, because it cannot be broken down in the body, so it ends up like embalming fluid, and who knows where it ends up in the blood stream!

I cook my own food with no additives, and pure engrediants, because natural food that nature provides must be best, and not the processed foods we end up eating because of our lifestyle, and no time to cook etc.

So think natural,


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