Is this common after first being triggered? You see, I'd been going to counseling and been put on anti-depressants just over a month before having the conversation with my dad that triggered my memory.

Before that, I would do chores and odd jobs around the house here and there. I may not have wanted to and every now and then acted a bit passive-aggressive about it, but at least I pulled myself up and did the work. Once the meds kicked in, I was even more motivated to do it all.

But now, I seem to be back to that low point, lower actually. It's like 'What's the point?' I can't seem to find the strength or will to want to do what needs to be done unless I do everything, short of literally kicking myself in the rear, to convince myself to get up and work.

This is bad because I'm having to take care of my uncle at the same time as dealing with the crap I've just remembered. Anyone have any good suggestions to fight this off and get back to the 'normal' everyday routine?