pay it forward,seems like maybe this could go here,pay it forward is a movie ,just a movie not real life ,but if any group of people on this earth could makle it work its the people here. the main theme of the movie is if we as human beings could do something good for 3 people ,could be complete strangers or people we know ,but it has to be something big something thats hard for us to do ,if we do that and all we ask in return is that those 3 people do the same for three more people and on and on that maybe we could change the world! maybe i cant change the whole world by myself ,but how hard is it for me to help just 3 people ? think about it k? also if you have not seen this movie make it a point to see it soon ,ITS A REAL LOOK AT WHAT HAPPENS TO SURVIVORS OF CHILDHOOD ABUSE. maybe its just a stupid movie but whaT IF IT WORKED? sorry bout the caps lol adam

its not hard to fall
when you float like a cannonball - damien rice