I'm glad to have this new forum on Health and Wellbeing. And glad to have BT join the Mod squad too! He does wonders on the BoD, so we can expect miracles here too!

No pressure, Brent, no pressure at all.

But seriously....

I am looking at this forum as a place to come and share solutions and answers. And a place to come with questions about how others have made progress in their attempts to recover from the effects of sexual abuse.

I guess the thought that stays with me so much is how important my actions can be. Thinking, and reflecting and meditating and contemplating and analyzing....those are my fortes.

But sometimes a simple walk after work, as mentioned above can clear the cobwebs and provide more insight that hours of pondering.

So I guess I like to think of this as the ACTION place; where we can come and find out how we can act our way into health and wellbeing.

It's important because I know that when I began to act differently toward myself; to take better care of myself; it was at once a sign that I had acquired some small measure of self esteem and respect which I had lost along the way during the years and years following the sexual abuse; and at the same time it was the first step on the path that would lead me onward to more dignity and sanity.

Not only are my actions towards my health and wellbeing extremely potent symbols of a new attitude as in viewing myself as a person of value and worth; but they are also the means to make that promise, that potential that was so damaged by the sexual abuse, live again and find fulfilment.

I'm excited about this new forum, because during my time being a part of this community of male survivors of sexual abuse, I have been amazed at the incredible resilience of the men I have met.

And I'm looking forward to hearing and sharing about how we get well.

Glad to be a part of this. Thanks, BT, for the impetus to get this underway.


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