As the saying goes be careful what you ask for!

I have been wanting to add a forum that will focus on healthy living. As survivors we have all done our share, and still do, of unhealthy things to help us cope and deal with life.

Somewhere along the way we often decide to do some things different. And often the things that seem to work for others don't quite fit us.

I hope this forum develops into something positive that will provide information, encouragement, friendship, and most importantly some fun times.

While I do have my own ideas, this is wide open. Everything from nutrition to exersize to yoga to meditation to which shoes are best for flat feet is welcome.

And finally, I am brand new to the moderator business. DWF, whom I imagine most of you know will be here as well, but be patient with me if I do something amazingly wrong...

So have some fun, and lets make all our lives better.


"Everyone is entitled to their opinions and it is not my job to change their mind." Dali Lama