How do you know? Gay or straight? I think that choice was taken from me. I was abused at about 4 years old by a neighborhood kid. Then again when I was 12 by a coach. During the years between the abuses, I had an attraction to boys. How do I know if that was natural or not? I had many sexual hookups with girls in highschool, but I was also attracted to boys. I think the abuse led to me being attracted to boys, but I'm not sure and will never be sure. My thearpist said she does not think I am Gay but I am attracted to both sexes. So am I Bi? Gay men say there is no such thing...they say I'm confused. I do know that my life revolved around sex, drugs and more sex for a long time, now that I'm in recovery, I have been able to limit my acting out. I am happy about that but I think a part of me will always believe that my choice was taken away.

Guy D.