Looks like there are a lot of sexual identity issues!

Some people claim that we are either one way or the other, and some people (myself among them) claim that there is no black and white in the natural state. Much of our belief and self image is based on social/religious expectations. Our desire to conform with accepted definitions keeps us from exploring the full range of possibilities. Iíll admit that some of those possibilities are totally unacceptable to any civilized person.

Here is my situation, and in large part I blame these feeling on the abuse. But that was then, this is now, and here is where I am:

I am homosexual/heteroemotional. What that means is that I am physically attracted to guys and emotionally attracted to gals. It is not a highly workable situation. For me, sex and love are two very different issues. I canít f*ck who I love and canít love who I f*ck. Which has made for a lot of celibacy and not much love over the years. Obviously, this is not a resolved issue for me.

Much of our sexual identity depends on where we are in discovery, rather than who we are in our deepest hearts. Does sexual orientation ever change? Some say no. Some say yes. But only on the path of the traveler can the truth be found.