Hi Grayson, This topic was originaly just Ken Singer, stating that the section was open. Other people have posted in here, but most of them have been just thinking Ken for starting this section. The best way of getting the guys to reply to you, is to start a new topic.

Due to popular demand, we are setting up a new topic area, Sexual Identity Issues.
This area is to deal with sexual problems that are not otherwise in the Gay Survivors forum.
It might be about confused feelings of sexuality (am I straight, bi, gay?), or sexual behaviors that are confusing.
This is what basically goes in here, but I have put topics in here that pertained to my identity, and Ken did not move them.

i don't think i am gay but have "gay" thoughts and feelings and fit, no matter how hard i try, into the "gay" stereotype.
If you start a new topic in here about this, try to give more details as the word gay covers way to much. The details of the stereotype would be nice.

As a example, my personality is more feminine than masculine, but my sex drive is basically interested in females. But there was one gay guy that I was attracted to, but he seemed to have a very feminine personality, and wore female slacks, blouse, and shoes. It took about six months of him being around me, for me to become attracted to him. I did have a affair with him, but there were things wrong about it. After that, I went looking in the library, to read some books on being gay, and what not. While gay did not seem to fit me, a book that talked about loveshy men very much did seem to fit me, and that is what I currently believe I am. I have a topic on it in here somewhere.

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