New topic area!

Due to popular demand, we are setting up a new topic area, Sexual Identity Issues.

This area is to deal with sexual problems that are not otherwise in the Gay Survivors forum.

It might be about confused feelings of sexuality (am I straight, bi, gay?), or sexual behaviors that are confusing. For those who are struggling with compulsive masturbation, feelings of acting out on children, At Risk is the place to deal with those behaviors.

We will opt to move topics to appropriate areas when necessary. Since this is a new area, we will probably move things that perhaps shouldn't be moved in the beginning until we figure things out. So, please bear with us. We don't yet have a moderator(s), and I'm going to ask all mods to let me know if they want to be involved with this one.

So, let's roll, but please be patient as we work things out.

There will be no sexual solicitation in this or any MS forums. If you are found to be soliciting anyone for sex (cyber or otherwise), you will be banned from this site.


Blissfully retired after 35 years treating sexual abuse