I've been thinking lately (whoa!!! now there's a change \:\) )and I've just realised that perpetrators are actual real life people. I get so used to labelling him off as a monster that I have never really seen him as a person, or any other perps. But they are people. They're people's dads, brothers, cousins, uncles and friends. I haven't ever seen them in that way. So now that I know that they are people that are a part of people's families, where'd they go so wrong? What makes a human being do harm to other people? It's just something that I've found impossible to understand. Of course, it'd be dumb to think that there is ever a 100% accurate reason behind what they do but I just don't know what would make them turn away from good things in life to being bad. What do you all think makes them do what they do?

Also, do you feel sorry for those who have been abused and go on to become perps themselves? I don't know what to think about them so I don't pass judgement on them as people, I just think what they do is disgusting.

Woman, thou art loosed from thine infirmity Luke 13:12