In recent weeks I've begun to ask myself this question and now nearly on a daily basis I keep coming back to this.

What is the purpose of MaleSurvivor?

Let me beat you all to the punch:

This is a brotherhood, a fraternity, a wolfpack. Right?

Would a brotherhood forget that one of it's members, who's here quite frequently, recently went through a hurricane disaster and had limited access to the internet? Did anyone send him a "hope you're ok, we miss you much" PM? NO!

Are we really here to help each other as a community? Or isn't this really one big frat house with out-liers in the lawn looking inside watching the big boys party it up?

The people who come to the discussion boards and the chat rooms are a huge melting pot of pure pain, anguish and trouble. With that in mind, is it no wonder that thermo-nuclear meltdowns occur in the discussion boards and chat rooms?

I think the best most of us can do is figure out how much of this we can take and then stick with only minute exposure to all of this 'stuff'.

I recently joined this organization officially and now I have ZERO clue why I did it.

Have fun with this post guys, I'm sure you're all going to chop my head off on this!