Okay, it is not my birthday until 08-01, but I have had the best present. I have finally met my 14 month old niece. Long story about why it has taken so long. Let's just say her Mother is a big bitch and she is playing power games with my brother.

I adore that little girl. She is totally adorable. Okay, I love kids and I am a softie, but I am SO thankful for all the nieces and nephews God has blessed my family with. I just pray that I can get myself taken care of enough to be in the correct mental state to have a family of my own. I yearn to have a wife and kids, or at least someone to hold me in the rough times, and share the joys of life.

I have had some terrible birthday's, buried a cousin who committed suicide on my 18th, visited an uncle who had his third heart attack on my 19th. I could go on, but their is no reason for me to go digging in that dirt!

"You live it or lie it" Metallica