I am putting this back. I was worried what people will think of me if they read it. Now I am aware, I do not care what they think. It something that affect me. If that is bad thing, then is ok.

When I was at trainig center this morning, a lady come in and say there is lost baby bird outside. A friend and I go out, and there is small baby bird crying on ground, and no other bird around. He is trying fly, and he too small. So we watch some, from inside door, to see if any other growup bird come back to him, to help him. And nothing happen, no other bird come. So finaly, we get him into box, and get him some water with the drop thing. Leosha talk with someone, and they tell us what we can get to feed him, to help him to grow enough to be healthy and go back away.

He is in box right now by me, talking so loud at me for such small bird. Even being he is small, and he not have his parent birds here, he seem strong and like he have loud spirit of him. I think he is going to be good. I want see him get to be big and be able fly away to his life. Because I know his life, it is not in box beside me, eating bird mush and water from dropper thing from me and Leshka while his dog watch us and want to play with it. His life is supose to be life of bird, flying in sky and sleeping in tree.

His life and my life, our lives, they are together right now. But they not supose to be. But, yes, I guess they are supose to be, because we are here, me on the bed and him in his box talking to me. Two life that don't seem they are meant to be sharing place together, and here we are. Him talking. Me typing.

I want him be ok. He is only little bird. It is not like saving life of person, or doing something wonderful to save world. It is only little bird. But I want see him grow strong to fly away of us sometime. Because maybe day I see him do that, maybe it is day I can believe in the 'wings' I have to.


And I wanted to add, here at end. We take him in his box back to training center next day. And after few minutes, he fly right up into tree, like there is never anything wrong with him. Was good feeling to see it.