This is unbelievable!

A convicted child molester served his term and was released into our community. One of his favorite pastimes since getting back in town? Hanging out in the park and watching children play.

After publicly admitting that he still has fantasies of having sex with children in the park, the city banned him from entering park grounds.

The Indiana Civil Liberties Union took up his case and the state appellate court found that the cities ban was a violation of “John Doe’s” constitutional rights.

What the hell are these lame brained SOBs thinking? By that logic it would be unconstitutional to stop a convicted terrorist from carrying a bomb onto an airplane! I am outraged!!! First, that the ICLU would even consider taking on a case like this. Defending civil rights is one thing, but to do so at such a risk to the lives of innocent children is beyond all reason. That the ICLU would actually aid in forwarding the cause of a predatory monster is an affront to all things good and decent! Second, that the court could have found an excuse to allow this freak to lurk around play grounds observing children and fantasizing sex is an abomination. All I can think is that these judges need to have their backgrounds checked and their movements monitored. Where is the sanity in this?