Hi Guys:

I am interested in hearing from people who have experienced varying degrees of memory loss or experienced dissociation. I found over the last year, my life is almost a patchwork of memories. What I remember of my abuse is very limited and I have learned to accept that and move on. What concerns me is the 40 odd years after. For a good portion of that time I feel I have traveled through life as two people, with my memory weaving across a very thin line. Some things I remember and others I do not. I have recently started creating a timeline to help put the pieces of the puzzle back in place but some of the gaps are big; especially during periods when I was under extreme stress. More recently (last year or so) when the stress hit hard, my mind just seemed to exit to the side then re-appear later when I felt safe ?? To cope, I am keeping lots of notes but it is uncomfortable not feeling you are in control.

Comments greatly appreciated.