Roland, on a quieter note,

On the very last day of my fourth year at college I was eating lunch outside when two girls came up and asked if they could share my table--I knew one of them just casually and the other not at all.

Anyway I got into this great conversation with the girl I didn't know at all, and she said to me, "I wish I'd done this sooner." Turns out she'd been in one of those groups with me at our freshman orientation four years earlier and had wanted to introduce herself, but had been too shy. She'd been seeing me around campus ever since, but as time went on she felt dumber about not doing it the first time, and weird about remembering it, so she never introduced herself. That was the only conversation we ever got to have. \:\( But I really don't think I will ever forget... sometimes it's less intimidating to remember that "all you have to do is ask" when you can put yourself on the other side of it.