This is really corny, and it may flop horribly, but at least give me credit for trying…

When I was in Canada at the Paris Weekend of Recovery, I at one point found myself sitting with three or four guys banging on drums and having a great time. The fact that I was banging a drum by itself is a feat because I was always self-conscious participating in an activity where I could make a mistake and feel foolish (like this post ). Naturally, I needn’t have worried because we were all opening up and pushing our comfort level… but I digress.

So we were drumming and after a while we slowed, then stopped for a moment before starting again. In that short time I made a decision that was very, very meaningful to me. I yelled, “I WANT A STANDING OVATION!”

Here I am, a guy that, contrary to outer appearances, does not really like to draw attention to himself, demanding a standing ovation; at first I was met with curious looks and raised eyebrows. Regardless, I sat there on the floor waiving my hands in the international sign for “get up!” And sure enough, everyone in the room, not just the drumming dudes, stood and gave me a very warm, loud, heart wrenching, standing ovation. Thanks guys, you know who you are.

When the applause and shouting died down, I explained that in 1988 I was a shy freshman just entering college. We all met in the gym one day where an afternoon of motivational activities was planed that was meant to help us shake our shyness and get to know the people in our new community. So here we are, a crowd of what I remember to be, or at least, looked like three hundred and the first thing they tell us is this:

“Anytime during the program, if somebody wants a standing ovation, they need only to shout at the top of their lungs ‘I want a standing ovation’ and we will stop everything. The people next to that person will lift them to their shoulders while the rest of us stand and clap.”

Many times over the course of the afternoon we heard and heeded the call. However, I was one of those people too shy to ever push themselves to do something so outrageous, but later that night I very much wished I had. \:\(

Well I finally did it. I waited sixteen years, but I did it and it felt great because I knew my new friends wouldn’t let me down.

So if you want a standing ovation just post it! Shout it loud right under this post with caps! And I for one will respond with a standing ovation post of my own, and hopefully, everyone else will too.

In fact you should have a standing ovation just for reading all of that!


Don’t be shy now! All you have to is ask!

Eh Mike? ;\)