hello everyone,
i am working on restoring my 76 ford granada. i am trying to find websites with salvage info on parts i need but am not having much luck. i have two leads on used engines from carparts.com with 2k and 9k respectively. engine and drivetrain parts are not too difficult. what i really need are body panels (fenders and quarter panels). that is the difficulty i am having. also, if there is anyone with a good deal on a 76 granada or similar, i can either use it as parts for my four door, or work on it as well. a dream i have is pursuing the hobby of restoring these great cars and reselling them to people who would give them proper homes \:\) . at this point though, all i want is to restore my old girl. any help or contacts would be more appreciated than you can realize, unless you savy the draw of men and their cars \:D . take care.

journey well,
theo dewolfe

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