He (my boyfreind of 3 years) tells all his friends I am some girl who has the hots for him, but wont leave him alone. I confront him, he tells me its not true (but come on). We date each other, but no one can see us together, only go to private beaches, (wont allow a picture of him and me to be taken together...why no pictures??) why does he want to do eveything with me in secret? Can anyone relate to this? p.s. me and him and his mom all worked in the same builing (1000 employees), ouch, to make it more stressful. Why not allowed to meet family and freinds of their man and made to look like a bad person to them to keep you away from them. I am no stalker or loser girl, and I dont know how to save my reputation at work without hurting this boy by telling the truth (would never do that, I would never lose his trust in me, so I feel stuck then), I love him, but my name is being trashed behind my back to keep me away from his family and friends, then we go to beaches and do all the normal things in private, but no one can know. If you loved this person, would you just accept that he lied to his parents and friends to keep you away from them and allow them to think you are this obsessive girl, and not his girlfriend to them and go along with it becasue he needs his anonomysity becasue he was abused as a kid. HELP, I feel torn between saving myself or telling about dating this boy (wont do that-as he wants it private), dont wanna hurt anyone, but I look like the absolute fool at work, I just cant stop crying.