As a result of the Chat Room discussion it has become quite obvious to me that there is a great deal of talent, energy and enthusiasm on our DB. Many of you have emailed or PMd me to express your desire to get involved and help MS in some manner.

I am inviting all MS Members to join our new Leadership Team.

What is it?

It's an opportunity to become involved in MS in a different and challenging manner.

What makes it special?

Well, the pay of course! And because your participation singles you out as what I think I will call Men, Assisting, Leading and Educating

Who's it for?

2. Men in recovery that can offer their life experience, professional skills and individual talents to:

a. program development
c. consultation
d. volunteer coordination and activities
e. sub-committee chairs and committee members
f. things other than recovery issues
g. your ideas and creativity

I hope you will consider this offer. To join the Leadership Team please contact me.