I have a really bad case of diarrhea of the word processor, to borrow a phrase from Stephen King. At the same time I have a terrible case of writers block. A condition for witch there is no cure except to just keep poring words out until you’re over the hump. Luckily I can do that right now.

One problem is my most basic rule of writing. That rule is I never under any circumstances change the first paragraph. I have no problem ignoring every other literary rule, like spelling and grammar. And beginning a sentence with and. And the way I over use the comma, some people find it really annoying, and tell me so, a’lot. Then there is a’lot, in my opinion a’lot is one word, so that is how I use it. I break other rules as well not just related to grammar too. More then once I’ve killed off a character or in some other way gotten rid of him only to have him show up a page or two later. But I never change the first paragraph.

This is my reason. Let’s say you are in St. Louis and you hop on a train to Los Angeles. That train stops in other places, and you can get off the train at any of those stops. But you can’t take that train to New York. If you want to go to New York you need to get off that train and get on another one. It's the same with story telling. You can’t have “Hansel and Gretel” being taken in to the woods by their father only to have them wind up at a gelato stand on the Santa Monica Pier. If you are going to take leaps like that then you should begin your story with “Dear Penthouse.”

I just finished a manu>