My Father in Law Jim died last week, and we buried him yesterday.
Jim was an Irishman who'd come over to England at 17yo, and he died aged 85 - still strong and independant.

He was the funniest, most generous, caring, loving, hard working man I've EVER known. A true friend rather than father in law, we got drunk together, told jokes, worked together, and never fell out.
And he was the same with nearly everyone.

So the wake was always going to be an event, in the end I drank for just over 12 hours, and laughed until I cried most of the time.
The funniest thing however was the bat that must have found it's way through the ceiling of the old Cricket Club pavillion where we were having the wake, and flew around for about 20mins causing uproar. There were over 200 people in the room from 6yo to 91yo, and we were all helpless with laughter.

Jim would have loved it, but I think he knew more about it than we'll ever know.
Poetry isn't my forte, but I couldn't resist this.

Jims Cricket Bat

Another cup of tea Aunty Sheila ?
What the hell was that ?
That would be nice, just milk – no sugar
I’m sure I saw a bat.

It was a bat. My eyes were right,
A bat in the bar, not a common sight
The Cricket Club was in uproar
But we had Anne upon the door

Anne shrieked and flapped the door around
The bat flew past without a sound
‘Cause bats are blind and cannot see
The bats approach caused Anne to flee

Around it went at breakneck pace
With swoops and turns all o’er the place
It’s heading for the kitchen door
And Delia’s cowering on the floor.

Above our heads around the lights
The bat flew on causing frights
But the men weren’t scared, they were strong
The queue at the bar was still, very long.

Keep them from their beer, what do you mean ?
It needs more than a bat to cause a scene
A herd of buffalo might have cleared the bar
But a little bat ? Not by far.

It took Doddy and the boys to save the day
And help the bat to fly away
With double doors flung open wide
On a swoop and turn, out the bat did glide.

He raised a laugh and did us no harm
Although he caused some mild alarm
We let him fly, and left well alone
We’d just disturbed him in his home.

The bat flew off to attics new
It must be something bats just do
To see a bat like that, the odds are slim
But you never can tell, with a bat called Jim.

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined. As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler.
Henry David Thoreau