I just realized something big yesterday in regards to this "too serious" thing. I don't even know what it really means since I can't control it, but I am severely codependent! I'm going to burn out in my job if some day I can't put boundaries up for myself. I'm the one who gets lost and ignored in the busyness of life.

I am too overcommited in my activities. I'm attempting to do 90 meetings in 90 days with AA (ain't really happening), I have a new wife, and I have a full load of college classes. For my own health, my biggest priority is making sure I take care of my wife. She feeds me emotionally, though she's healthier (I think :p ). And my emotional recovery is important too.

But I too often joing other people's moods instead of asking them to enter mine and work through it with me, or next to me. One or two are there from my program, but I feel resentment when one of them needs emotional support.

I have no boundaries. I get resentful because of that, and I burned out yesterday due to that. With a mind full of ideas for a class project, a big grade resting on it, and no parameters to work with, I got fried since I "commited" in my mind to working out a few of the million ideas I had. Codependency had kicked my ass.

Read a little out of Melody Beattie's "Codependent No More", realized the problem, and I'm going to return to an Al-Anon meeting tonight. That's one of the only places that remind me to take care of myself since I am POWERLESS over people, places, and things.

I even think I am responsible for people here. I think "my words will move someone, affect them, even make them trust me so they will give love to me" :rolleyes: It's a weird, troublesome cycle. Thanks for letting me air.