Of course, I have not sleept, so what is funny to me right now is really probably stupid to most people, ha ha. But it is something funny about being stupid.

I have a friend, she works as a nurse. She has two theories in life: That the human race is 'genetically stupid', and that 'being stupid should hurt'! (Really, she is really a kind and decent person and great at her job, just has intolerance of people who are 'stupid by choice' as she say).

To prove the first theory, she share this story at me from her work last night.

There is this young patient she gets, he is like my age, and he have strange heart rhythm. Because, what he do: he work as bartender, and was washing out this big blender thing, with wet rag, while blender thing is still plugged in. (No, I do not finish it yet, there is more activity of this person's brain). While still washing with wet rag, while it is still plugged into electric in the wall, he see strange thing on cord. There is wire sticking out of cord. And so, this very brilliant man, with wet rag still in hand and blender thing still plugged in wall, does what most genius people will do: To be sure it is open wire, and that he is not mistaken, he decides to touch it with his other hand. And he does the 'zap' at himself, of course. So, being the compassionate person she is (and since he was not bad hurt, and was already back to 'normal' in his heart), she goes to his room to admit him and says 'So, what brings you here Sparky?' Ha ha ha. (He had sense of humor, and did laugh)

So now, when I sense myself being or doing something stupid, I will remind myself: Don't be a 'Sparky'! ha ha


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"Human salvation lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted."~~~Martin Luther King Jr., 1963